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Features that Make Islander the Superior Flooring Choice


Click System

Easy Installation

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Lifetime Residential Warranty

Reliability is the Islander Promise

While our flooring options are affordable compared to other premium brands, we believe in making every dollar you spend worthwhile. That’s why we create every plank of flooring with long-lasting durability, so you never have to worry about new flooring again. Most of our flooring include a Residential Warranty with every properly installed purchase. 

Our innovative flooring options are not only made to last daily use but also include a waterproof shield for stainless stress-free use, rigid core construction for unparalleled hardness and performance, and Nano Finish technology for superior scratch and scuff resistance.  

Easy-to-Install Flooring Options for Every Purpose

Most brands promise easy installation, but few make it as simple as Islander. Whether you are a professional flooring contractor wanting to save time and effort or a homeowner looking to install premium vinyl, hardwood, or bamboo flooring for the first time, our floating click system ensures a smooth process from start to gorgeous finish. 

Plus, it’s not only easy to install but also easy to care for with streamlined maintenance instructions. Our innovative features allow you to safely use a damp mop to swiftly clean up messes while preventing damage from spills, scuffs, and drops.

Islander Offers Superior Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our superior vinyl, bamboo, and hardwood flooring uses innovative technology for sustainable, toxic-free, and built-to-last products every time, guaranteed.

High Density Plastic Composite HDPC®

High Density Plastic Composite HDPC®

HDPC® Waterproof Vinyl pushes the boundaries of today’s flooring technology. Exceptional hardwood visuals, coupled with a patented HDPC® co-extrusion technology, provides superior performance in any environment. Choose from a wide spectrum of stylish designs available in wider and longer planks for added visual impact.
  • Stylish designs available in wider and longer planks
  • HDPC® core provides superior impact resistance and heat tolerance
  • Easy and performance locking system floats over existing hard surface flooring
  • Rigid core construction hides sub-floor imperfections
  • Attached pad absorbs sound and makes installation a breeze
  • Durable and easy to maintain wear layer may be damp mopped

HardMax Nano Finish technology

HardMax Nano Finish technology

HardMAX Nano Finish Technology Extraordinary hardness, superior abrasion resistance, and crystal-clear visuals. HardMax Nano Finish Technology places Islander at the forefront of tough, easy to maintain and commercially-rated flooring finishes.

Polyurethane coatings coupled with aluminum oxide "Nano" particles form a tough and transparent UV-cured ceramic finish. Featuring high strength and excellent thermal stability, Nano Finish Technology remains flexible enough to withstand seasonal movements in flooring while resisting scuffing, scratching and topical stains.

Care And Maintenance

Care And Maintenance

While Islander's finishes are among the industry’s most durable, simple routine care and maintenance will ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment. Follow these simple instructions to ensure lasting performance while protecting your flooring investment.
  • Sweep, vacuum or dust mop regularly
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth
  • Mop floors with recommended flooring cleaner
  • Use throw rugs at all exterior entrances
  • Use felt pads on bases of chairs, tables and furniture
  • Never slide heavy furniture across flooring
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